Who can apply?

Startups working in the lifestyle market are addressing how individuals, families and corporates cope with everyday physical, psychological, social and economical needs. Startups can provide goods and services to improve the lifestyle of individuals as well as tools to better understand consumer/worker lifestyles. We are looking for digital startups operating within all the segments of the lifestyle chain from automotive, design, and fashion, to food, wellness, and luxury.


  • Jun 26

    Applications open

  • Oct 2

    Applications close

  • Oct 26

    Selection Days

  • Dec 4

    Program begins

  • May 10

    Demo Day

The Deal

€80k funding = €30k cash + €50k cool stuff

Selected startups get a micro-seed funding from LVenture Group in exchange of 9% option.

Startups will also be asked to reserve a further 3% of equity for the pool of advisors.

The Program

During the 5-month intensive program, we help the best international startups go to market and reach exponential growth, through a micro-seed investment and a balanced mix of management courses, hands-on support and business insight provided by our network of advisors.

LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program


2 months

Review of IT architecture, UX, interfaces, processes and organizational management.

LUISS EnLabs Startup Metrics


2 months

Setting up your goals and using effective monitoring tools to understand the right metrics.

LUISS EnLabs Startup Revenue


1 month

Every startup is expected to produce some revenue by the end of the program.

Scrum Method

Our key to success is in the approach to work organization. Our startups are required to follow an XPM (Extreme Project Management) approach to speed up growth. XPM means a tightly-knit calendar with sprint planning every two weeks followed by checkpoints and sneak peek, where execution is closely monitored and slips are minimized.

LUISS EnLabs Scrum Method

Cool Stuff

LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program Facilities


A fully equipped working space in our amazing offices.

LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program Network


A huge network of corporations ready to help your startup.

LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program Advisors


A complete range of experts with invaluable insights at your disposal.

LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program Events


Events are held continuously in order to boost and improve the network effect.

LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program Perks


Up to €100K-worth of technical services offered by our partners.

LUISS EnLabs Acceleration Program Fund Scouting

Fund Scouting

Full support in alternative fund-raising activities (Public Funds, Crowdfunding, etc.)

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